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This is my fannish & ficcish journal. I am currently writing Axis Powers Hetalia fic, though this may change in the future.

Don't expect too many regular posts at all. The Hetalia-muse has bitten hard, so sometimes I'll post several ficlets in the span of a few days... And then nothing for three months. I have a busy life and write when I can.

Where do I keep my writing?
1. In this LJ - All fics are tagged. I have also added the fics to my memories, check the appropriate rating category. All NC-17 fic is locked and the memory goes to the unlocked post notice. This also contains links to communities where I've posted, mostly [info]meinbruder because I love Germancest...
2. At Archive of Our Own. I'm slowly uploading my writing there, sometimes with a more thorough beta check. I plan to host everything there in time.
3. At, though only the lower ratings.

F-lock policy: To avoid TOS trouble, I will friendslock my explicit porn. When I do post adult fics, I will follow up with a post tagged "flock notice" which contains the fic-header and links to the communities (if any) where the fic is also posted. Please comment here if you want me to friend you, so you can read the smut ;) Or you can check AO3, I'm working on transferring my things there.

I'll friend everyone, unless your profile tells me you are below 18 or I suspect some sort of foul play.

I think that's it... If you'd ever like to work on something together, do let me know. I'm always up for new and fun challenges.
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